Lift sagging skin on the neck, chin and eyebrow area.


Ulthera is the ONLY non-invasive technique FDA-approved to LIFT sagging skin on the neck, chin, and eyebrow area. It has also been approved to correct lines and wrinkles on the décolletage, helping you achieve a more radiant and youthful appearance. Areas with pending approval include upper arms, belly, knees, and buttocks. This safe and effective ultrasound therapy revolutionizes how Dr. Kestin addresses the effects of aging with his patients. Unlike many other anti-aging treatments, such as lasers or injections, Ulthera leaves the surface of the skin untouched, delivering a precise amount of ultrasound energy with controlled depth and temperature. This ultrasound energy stimulates the natural production of fresh, new collagen below the skin.

The Treatment

Just one Ulthera treatment helps improve the effects of aging, which may be caused by gravity or sun exposure. Before your treatment, an initial consultation with Dr. Kestin at his New York City practice is necessary to address your concerns and determine if you are a good candidate for Ulthera. Once scheduled, there is no special preparation required for your treatment. After Dr. Kestin cleanses your skin, he will apply the ultrasound gel and place the Ulthera device against your skin. Then he utilizes Ulthera’s ultrasound imaging to determine the best placement and depth of energy for your desired results. Then individualized ultrasound energy is delivered beneath the skin’s surface. You may feel some energy deep in your skin, but this indicates collagen production beginning. The entire treatment time varies, but a face and neck procedure typically lasts 60-90 minutes and a décolletage treatment takes about 30 minutes.

The Results

With Ulthera, there is absolutely no downtime required, so you can return to your normal activities immediately. There are also no post-treatment restrictions or precautionary steps. Although Ulthera is unable to completely replace a facelift, this is a great non-invasive option for those who aren’t ready for a surgical solution. You may see some subtle results after treatment, but ultimate results take about 2-3 months, so your body can produce new collagen and reestablish your youthful appearance. Results may last as long as two years, but this varies due to your unique aging process.

What are the Risks?

After treatment, your skin may appear slightly red, but this typically fades within a few hours. Other common side effects can include slight swelling, tenderness or tingling, which are all temporary as well. As with any medical treatment, there are rare side effects that Dr. Kestin will inform you about during your initial consultation. With Ulthera, you can restore your refreshed appearance and confidence with just one simple treatment. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!.

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